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Harry Fulleylove

Associate Artist: Harry Fulleylove (with Eirini Papantoniou)
Project: Beethoven new work
Project partners: London Studio Centre’s MA producing students September 2020
Project link:

A community-based project, open to all with the cast comprising a mixture of people identifying as dancers and non-dancers. The process started through conversations around simply wanting to make work encompassing dancers and non-dancers – this lead us to starting to make a theatre-based piece for the artsdepot stage examining physical body patterns we experience in our daily lives. When the COVID_19 lockdown began in UK the decision was taken to take the project online, we re-started the process (with the same principles / ethics) not wanting to lose the integrity of what we had started (we feel that is a project which must be proscenium arch-based). we did not want to make a work that was “about coronavirus”, but also knowing the inevitable impact the pandemic is having on the process, we are now making a work which brings people together through dance and movement, challenging and eliminating perceived borders.The movement responds to and is set alongside the third movement (Scherzo) of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. (The four-note motif used and developed throughout Beethoven’s work is often associated with “fate”. We feel this is apt, as it is very unlikely our process would have taken this turn without the pandemic.)

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