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The Jingle Dress from Barry Lewis & Emil Charlaff on Vimeo.

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The Jingle Dress, choreographed by Adesola Akinleye, is a new and exciting dance show, which celebrates ‘being who you are’ and ‘finding your own special path’. Inspired by Native American beliefs, the show will reveal to children and young people that everyone has their own special gifts inherited from the people and places around them. A jingle dress is a traditional Native American dress that when worn to dance in, makes a sound as you move, people say the dress sings as you dance. Rayleen has been left a jingle dress by her Grandma but her dress does not sing. With the help of her two friends she needs to find her own way to make her dress sing, her own unique dance.

The show is accompanied by workshops, which explore the themes of the show, drawing on Native American and other traditional cultures.
The workshops allow young audiences to explore, discover and investigate for themselves through Heuristic play and movement and rhythms. Heuristic play is the name given to discovery play by Elinor Goldschmeid. The workshops draw on these ideas giving children the opportunity to play (with adult support but not interference*) at their own pace with a range of natural materials from Rayleen’s life (cultural references that are presented in the performance). The choreography of the performance draws on movement ideas developed from Schemas which are patterns of behavior observed in young children’s play; for example ‘enveloping’ or ‘wrapping’ where children put objects inside something, or ‘transporting’ where children carry objects from one place to another. These patterns of repetition are important in brain development the workshops support and promote this development through play, dance movement and songs. (*Anita Hughes. Published by David Fulton ISBN 1 84312 429 7)

Jingle Dress is Produced by State of Emergency with a creative team of:
Choreography and concept: Adesola Akinleye
Dramaturg: Chris Fogg
Composer/Musical Director: Angelina Conaghan
Scenic Architect: Illugi Eysteinsson
Lighting design & production manager: Anthony Osborne

Target Age
3-5 and Families
(workshops will be suitable for ages 1-8 so siblings can also attend in a meaningful way) An interactive show that encourages participation through movement and song.